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Discovering the Buzz: ChatGPT Takes the Natural Language Processing World by Storm

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

and I decided to give it a try....

So, I asked #chatgpt to write a story about Global Technology Solutions, LLC (GTS) #dars product / solution. DARS stands for Digital Appeals and Recording Solution. More information can be found here👉 Take your Appeals online. Anywhere. Any phone.

I gave #chatgpt a few pain points that "Tom" an imaginary ALJ must overcome to successfully get through his day. Here is what it came up with. The story nicely sums up the issues and how they can be resolved using #gts #dars solution.

"Tom was frustrated as he sat at his desk, staring at the list of names in front of him. As an administrative law judge at the state agency, it was his job to help resolve claims and other issues for the agency's citizens. But the process was slow and cumbersome, requiring him to rely on outdated technology that seemed to cause more problems than it solved.

Every morning, Tom and his colleagues would print out a list of names and use their desk phones to dial each participant and bring them into a conference call. But inevitably, something would go wrong. Whether it was a poor connection, a dropped call, or some other technical issue, it seemed like the process was always plagued by problems.

And today was no different. In the middle of the call, one of the participants dropped out without any warning. Tom had no visibility into who had dropped, and due to the age-old system they were using, he was forced to drop everyone from the conference and reschedule the hearing for 30 days out.

Tom knew that this meant that the citizen in question would have to wait an additional 30 days for a resolution, which might mean that they wouldn't receive the much-awaited check they were counting on. He couldn't stand the thought of causing delays and frustration for the people he was supposed to be helping.

Determined to find a better solution, Tom began researching modern alternatives. That's when he stumbled upon Global Technology Solutions, LLC (GTS) and their cloud-based digital appeals and recording solutions. Excited at the prospect of finally having a reliable and efficient way to conduct hearings, Tom reached out to the company and set up a demo.

As he watched the demo, Tom knew that this was the solution he had been looking for. The digital platform was intuitive and user-friendly, and it provided real-time visibility into who was on the call and whether there were any technical issues. Best of all, it eliminated the need for outdated technologies like desk phones and paper lists.

Tom eagerly signed on with Global Technology Solutions, and within a few weeks, the state agency had fully implemented the new system. The transition was smooth and seamless, and Tom was thrilled to see that the process was finally running smoothly.

Thanks to Global Technology Solutions, Tom was able to provide faster and more efficient service to the agency's citizens, and he knew that he had made the right decision in choosing to upgrade to a modern, digital solution."

IMPRESSIVE!!! ChatGPT Nailed it. At least on this one.

I have been in this industry for a very long time, and I know there are many more Tom's out there who would love to work with a product, that integrates with their CRM systems, gives them the ability to start the hearing on any phone of their choice, zip through a lot more hearings during the day and still have time to spend with their colleagues and family. Not to mention "The Happy Citizen" and "Happy Tom".

Digital Appeals and Recording Solution is native cloud solution built on #awscloud and provides you the reliability. security, scalability and peace of mind. It is very simple to use and only requires a few clicks to administer a hearing.

Want to more about the solution? Shoot us an email at and we will be happy to show you what it can do for you and your organization.

Global Technology Solutions - Your hands-on partner in contact center and digital transformation.

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